Asynchronous Blind Signal Decomposition Using Tiny-Length Code for Visible Light Communication-Based Indoor Localization


Indoor localization is a fundamental capability for service robots and indoor applications on mobile devices. To realize that, the cost and performance are of great concern. In this paper, we introduce a lightweight signal encoding and decomposition method for a low-cost and low-power Visible Light Communication (VLC)-based indoor localization system. Firstly, a Gold-sequence-based tiny-length code selection method is introduced for light encoding. Then a correlation-based asynchronous blind light-signal decomposition method is developed for the decomposition of the lights mixed with modulated light sources. It is able to decompose the mixed light-signal package in real-time. The average decomposition time-cost for each frame is 20 ms. By using the decomposition results, the localization system achieves accuracy at 0.56 m. These features outperform other existing low-cost indoor localization approaches, such as WiFiSLAM.

In the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA).